Screen Printing Policies



Estimates expire in 30 days. Estimates are subject to change upon review of the graphic. You will receive an estimate within 24-48 hours* of your quote request. 

*Weekends are excluded from estimate turnaround times. For the purpose of our policies, terms and conditions, weekends (Saturday & Sunday) and Federal Holidays are also not considered "business days." Business hours are generally considered 10AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. Example: You submit a quote request Friday after 5:00pm you will receive your estimate on Monday during business hours. Please know that your business is extremely important to us, and we strive to get back to our customers as soon as we can, so we appreciate that you provide us with a little time to get back to you.


Our minimum order quantity is 12 garments per design. There is an additional $15 fee for ink color changes per design (if you wish to learn more about what qualifies as an "ink color change" please contact us and we will provide details). We can accommodate up to two different styles (men's/women's long/short sleeve t-shirts, and hoodies) of garments at this quantity. Generally we provide the garments, but if you wish to provide your own, please speak with us prior, and we may ask that you provide extras for testing and/or misprints. Please refer to the"Misprints" section below within the policy for additional information on requested quantity of "extras" if supplying your own goods for printing. 


We require a non refundable 50% deposit to begin processing your order.  This payment is due upon the approval of your digital mock up. Turnaround time to start the completion of your order begins once that payment has been received by us. Please refer to our "Turnaround Times" section for more information. The remaining 50% of your payment will be due upon the pick up/shipment of your completed order.  We accept the following forms of payment: cash, checks, and credit cards. If funding with a credit card, this payment can be satisfied directly through your invoice.  


If you are providing your own artwork, please consider these specifications prior to submission. If you have any questions regarding the specifications, you can email us at and we will be happy to answer your questions.

    • Vector artwork is our preference (either .ai or .eps). Without it, there may be a $60/hr design fee (if applicable, fee will be included in the quote). 
    • If you are providing raster images (.psd .jpg. tif,. etc), please make sure that your images are 300dpi. If your file is more than one color, please keep colors on separate layers.  Design your artwork at the actual print size.
    • Minimum line width 1pt. (at size)
    • Minimum point size for readable type is 12pt.
    • If providing a vector image, text should be converted to outline mode and imbedded images should be included in the file.
    • If your artwork does not meet most (or any) of the specs listed above, we also offer graphic design work for $60/hour. 
    • Pantone Uncoated color numbers are encouraged.
    • We will not reproduce your artwork without your consent. We also cannot print anyone else's intellectual, copyrighted, or trademarked property without first receiving consent from the owner of the property and/or design. Consent must be provided to us in writing (no exceptions).


Art approvals will be sent via e-mail with a digital mock-up of your completed design. Please note that the t-shirt used for the mock-up is sized at medium and is used as an example only for the purpose of the approval process. 

The digital mock-up must be approved by selecting the box that states "I approve of the terms for the text and images presented to me by Emotionz Graphix & Apparel (as is) and wish to move forward with placing my order" (please review your mock up carefully before checking this box as all mock-up approvals are finalor if you wish to make changes, select the box that states "I would like to make changes to this mock-up" and follow the instructions on the form to send your changes directly to Emotionz Graphix email address listed on the mock-up with details on the changes that you are requesting.  Please be aware that changes or additional requests must be provided in writing, no exceptions. This helps ensure we meet your needs better and nothing is inadvertently overlooked when modifying the design/order. 

Approvals or Change Requests must be sent within 24 hours.  If you do not approve the mock-up within 24 hours, your order may be delayed.  After digital mock-up is "approved" there will be no other changes allocated

IMPORTANT NOTE: Emotionz Graphix & Apparel is not responsible for hindrance on production due to delayed approval of digital mock-up.  Please be sure to check your mock-up for artwork accuracy such as: color, placement, spelling and production information.


We cannot provide test print samples except in certain cases (please contact us for more information on test print sample qualification)We use the Pantone Uncoated book for color matching. Our goal is to answer all questions about size, color, and placement though the digital mock-ups we provide for each order. We are happy to discuss options and work with you to help ensure that whatever fun design you're envisioning, is what you receive, when you come to pick up your order!


Changes are limited to the following: Adding additional pieces to the order, changing graphic color. Additional fees and extra production time may be applied (subject to minimums). No changes are allowed once payment is taken. Anything added to the order after the order has been placed will be considered a new order, additional fees may apply.


All orders are final. Absolutely NO cancellations and/or refunds will be allowed if the order is already in process. Note: If your order is a Rush there are no changes allowed after your order has been placed.


We aim to never make mistakes, but we are still humans operating a hand pulled art form, and occasionally it happens. If this happens to your order, we will credit the difference of the lost items to your next order. We cannot do an additional print run for the lost shirts so we suggest ordering extra in each size.

If you are supplying goods for printing, we request that you include 5% extra in each size. Also, if you are supplying your own goods and we misprint one, we cannot be responsible for replacing it.

We try our best to catch any manufacturer defects on T-shirts before printing. After printing, we cannot return the item and we can't be responsible for any manufacturer defects. This is somewhat rare but part of the T-shirt business and we can't replace these items.  Emotionz Graphix & Apparel is also not liable for inconsistencies in discharge printing due to fabric, dye and/or fabric content.  Placement: Please be aware that the industry standard is 1/4" to 1/2" tolerance for all imprint(s) locations in every direction.  This will not be considered a misprint.


Turnaround time starts when mockups are approved and the 50% deposit payment has been received by us.  We aim to turn jobs around in 10-14 business days. There is a 25-30% "rush fee" for rush orders. Rush orders are considered orders that are placed with a turnaround time request of less than 10 business days.  For rush orders, we require an allowance for misprints so please order extra (we recommend 5% extra in each size). Turnaround time does not include shipping time.

We cannot be responsible for out of stock items from the manufacturer. If a suitable replacement cannot be found, we will credit your account. We do not offer refunds.


We aim to offer you the best quality screen print available on the market. We love,  and wear t-shirts just as much as all of you, so we know the T-shirt selection matters. We offer many different brands of shirts at a range of pricing, including: Bella Canvas, Next Level, Port & Company, American Apparel, Gildan, etc. If you would like us to direct you to our personal favorites, we would be happy to do that! 

The type of fabric you choose for your garment is not only important for the feel and the way it looks, but it can make a very big difference to the way it prints too. For example, combed cotton fabrics are designed specifically to screen print better than basic carded or uncombed cotton. Combed cotton has more of the fiber removed in the knitting process, which means printing inks sit much more cleanly on the face of the shirt after printing. 

We are not responsible for the garment fit if the order has been placed, approved, printed, and received.


Stock levels vary frequently and we cannot guarantee style and size stock until the time we physically place the order. When we are ordering, if there are issues with stock, our policy is to replace the item with another item that most closely matches the original item. Only in extreme cases will we go back to the customer to discuss any replacement options. 


Emotionz Graphix & Apparel is not responsible for any delays caused by the shipping company. Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling fees (as applicable). Customer must notify when placing the order if the order will be shipped. We only ship orders to the billing address of the card used to place the order. Emotionz Graphix & Apparel is not responsible for the pick-up, delivery or quantity of goods unless otherwise agreed upon with the customer in writing. Emotionz Graphix & Apparel is not liable for any delay of any portion of the goods covered by this contract due to labor disputes, fire, war, natural disasters, state or federal government regulations or any other conditions or causes beyond our control.


The holidays are an exciting fast paced time for everyone! Many of our customers want their apparel ready to go for the shopping and gift giving season.  We completely understand this, and we will do our best to accommodate. Starting in November the turnaround time is three weeks (keep in mind that inclement weather can cause shipping delays). We ask that you please get orders in as early as possible so holiday shoppers can wear/purchase your awesome swag!


We recommend to all of our customers, in order to keep the design quality and color long lasting, they wash their garment inside out, on a cold water or delicate wash setting.  When drying the garment, it is preferable to hang/line dry, however if placing in the dryer, we recommend to keep the garment inside out and tumble dry on the lowest heat setting possible. 


Pantone color match is available for plastisol, water base and discharge inks. For specific pantone colors in plastisol, customers will be charged at a standard rate of $15.00 per color. No charge for black or white. Select a stock color from our color chart at no additional charge.

*Please note that Pantone color mixing is not 100% accurate.*


Emotionz Graphix & Apparel strives to provide the very best product, as well as superior customer service. We take great pride in our work. Please check your order carefully and notify us of any problems within one week of delivery. If we made a mistake printing your order that falls outside these terms & conditions, we will reprint your order within 2 weeks. We will not be responsible for errors found after one week. We do not offer refunds.


Emotionz Graphix & Apparel has the right to change and alter pricing & policies at any time, without notice. We care for our clients and do our very best to try and keep our prices reasonable, while offering quality products. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 978.612.6595.